I Do, I Do!

We got this nomination for Best Marrying Judge from our friend Jim Sherman. It's a little early for the Best of Houston awards, but we thought we'd pass it along - just in case any readers are thinking about tying the knot any time soon. - Olivia Flores Alvarez

From Jim Sherman: Yesterday morning I woke up in a motel room in Galveston and later that day I went down to 1922 Sealy to watch my cousin Ellen from Fort Worth (who is about 13 years older than I am and was the babysitter who convinced me that green beans are edible) get married to her late husband's best friend. A very cool service.

Best Marrying Judge: Galveston County Precinct 1 Jim Schweitzer does the coolest matrimonial ritual around these parts. He starts off by telling the bride and groom they have his permission to don sunglasses, wear shorts, take photos, and go barefoot in his court, followed by a quick trip out the courtroom door to check the posted list of proscribed behavior to see if there's anything he missed.

Judge Schweitzer obviously considers marrying people to be the best part of his job, which usually consists of passing judgement on truants and other juvenile miscreants. This is a man having fun at work; upon hearing that the bride has known the groom for 20 years he tosses the paperwork in the air and asks the happy couple what took them so long.

Upon learning that the groom was close friends with the bride's late husband he launches into a sweet, loving ceremony that underlines this incredibly serious nature of the moment with compassion and humor. It's a very cut-to-the-chase ceremony, with vows punctuated by "now, I could go on for 10 minutes with this stuff, but I'm just making sure you're committed to what you're getting into..."

If you're in the mood to go to Galveston and want to get married or renew your vows while you're down there, you should really give this man a call. 409-770-5113

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