I Have a Girl Crush on The Channel 2 Traffic Lady

So, I'm a straight lady, but I have this weird girl crush on the Channel 2 Traffic Lady, Jennifer Reyna.

I know I'm a feminist, and I'm not supposed to objectify women, and I'm supposed to be neutral about a woman's appearance because women are already totally objectified enough as it is. But this isn't even about objectifying women.

I just have a crush on Jennifer Reyna. On everything about her. Even more than just what she looks like.

Of course what she looks like does have something to do with it. Her outfits, probably. Like any gal, she dresses for other women, not for men. Her fashion choices are a bit daring, but also sensible. She wears bright colors, but she's never garish in her wardrobe decisions. She dresses to fit her frame, but she's not whorish about it.

She's perky, but it doesn't seem fake. She has a great smile!

But it's more than her looks. When she talks about the traffic, it's like she gets how much we all hate traffic, and she's not trying to sugarcoat anything. When she waves her cute arms at the red and the green on her map of the Loop, she's just keeping it real for us, helping us get to work. She's got the perfect amount of perk. Kelly Ripa should take a note.

Even her blog has a cute name -- the Bumper to Bumper blog. In this blog, she writes about traffic issues, has polls about whether or not we should text while we drive, and has pics of herself at KPRC events, for example, hosting galas and attending ribbon cuttings. In every picture, she's smiling and looks like a truly nice person as she interacts with others at the events.

I'm sure you're just waiting for me to get nasty right about now like I usually do, but I really can't. I genuinely like Jennifer Reyna, the KPRC traffic woman. Of all the women and men on the television, I like her pretty much the best -- even more than hottie Owen Conflenti.

There. That's all I wanted to say. I like her.

Sometimes it feels good to write nice. 

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Jennifer Mathieu
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