I Wanna Be Your Dog (Or Cat): Adopt Some Of These BARC Dogs

The dedicated volunteers at the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care have to deal with animals that come to the shelter for all kinds of reasons, and in all degrees of health. It's tough, often heartbreaking work. And we imagine it can be pretty infuriating sometimes -- especially when an animal is surrendered because its owner is a total douche. And what do we mean by that? Well, let's look at Lila, one of a batch photographed for us by volunteer Robyn Arouty.

According to Lila's kennel card, this two-year-old German shepherd mix was given up by her owner because she had puppies, and that broke the owner's wallet. Apparently, no one told the owner that, like many living organisms, dogs come equipped with biological functions that allow them to give birth -- what fancy scientist-types call "reproduction."

And apparently, no one told this genius that there's a procedure called spay/neuter, whereby a wizard waves a magic wand, and the reproductive abilities are kaput. According to Arouty's notes, Lila seems to like other dogs, is playful, but is a tad shy around humans. But maybe that's just because she lived with a real dickhead her entire life. (A0999927)


We don't quite know what to make of Mr. Crowley's owner, who was, according to the kennel card, deployed to Iraq.  We're glad the former owner of this adorable 10-month-old American bulldog is defending our precious, precious freedom and all, but we wonder: didn't this dude have friends or family who could've taken his dog? Or maybe the loving owner just heard so many wonderful things about BARC that he thought to himself, "Hey, I love my dog, so I'm going to leave him at BARC, where nothing bad ever happens!" (A1002190)


Teddy is a 4-year-old whippet/greyhound mix, which means he's approximately 2.7 times faster than the speed of light. He was a stray, so maybe he just outran his owner(s) one day. But Arouty tells us he's quite bright and extremely loveable. (A0997761) 


Melony, a 7-month-old pointer mix, is another stray. Don't be an asshole. Adopt her. (A1003259)


**We have a special bonus feature, courtesy of BARC volunteer Christina Fojas, who recently saved a pregnant Australian shepherd mix. Apparently, someone just dropped this dog off on the BARC grounds, not even bothering to bring her in. And since pregnant dogs get the needle quicker than accused killers who can't afford good lawyers, Fojas scooped this one up and has been taking care of the pups. E-mail her at cmfojas@gmail.com for more info.  


Updated -- with cat goodness!!

Not a dog person? Well, we're not exactly sure what your problem is then, but Arouty rounded up some kick-ass stray cats (insert Brian Setzer joke here) who do not appear to have cat-AIDS. (If you prefer your cats with AIDS, you'll have to wait for our upcoming "HIV in the HIZZY" featurette).

Scotlund is a wee one-month-old tabby. Do you often misspell the names of countries? If so, this kitten's for you! (A1000861)

We're pretty sure Jennifer is staring through our soul. Her kennel card says she's only been alive for three months, but we have a sneaking suspicion she's actually thousands of years old. There's something special about this one. (A0998144)

As her name implies, Blanca is a two-year-old white cat. White means she goes with any color scheme. So you don't have to worry about her clashing with any furniture. Freakin' adopt her already. (A0998113)

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