I Wanna Be Your Dog (Or Cat): Return Of The Haiku

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After several months of highlighting some of the adoptable critters at the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care, we thought we were used to all the sad stares these dogs and cats display while awaiting their fates. But somehow, our intrepid photographer, Robyn Arouty, managed to capture an especially heartbreaking mood this week.

It put us at a loss for words, or at least a paucity of syllables, which is why we had to make due with another round of haikus. If you can't adopt or foster, please forward this to someone you think might be able to. These dudes deserve a chance.


APRIL  A1019276

Six-month old German shepherd mix, spayed

Owners evicted

Left this beauty behind

Mental impairment?


BENTLEY   A1021226

Two-year old fox terrier/wire-haired mix

Heartworms -- what a bitch

The stray life is a tough life

Want to save my ass?


AMBER   A1019133

One-year old golden retriever mix, spayed, stray

Can't write no haiku

Freakin' dog done broke my heart

Someone love her please


BAXTER   A1018322

One-year old pit mix, spayed, stray

You must understand:

I will not bite your face off

I'm a gentle soul


SARA   A1022456

Two-year-old dachshund, stray

My card says "dachshund"

But might be a terrier

I'm freakin' confused


BELLA    A1021519

10-month-old Italian greyhound mix, stray

Y'all like my long neck?

That's my giraffe impression

Or J. Love-Hewitt


HAZEL  A1020542

Two-year-old lab/retriever mix, owner surrender

 Two-mill in Houston

And I get a big douchebag

Life is so unfair


JESSIE   A1022483

One-year-old bull terrier mix, stray (female)

Jesus Christ, this blows

I could really use a beer

Oh -- and a home, too


SHINE   A1022284

Eight-month old border collie, owner surrender because of "cost" (female)

How much have you saved

Now that you gave me up, chief?

Enough for a soul?


PETEY   A1021106

Two-year-old mastiff mix, owner surrendered due to eviction

From white trash owners

To overcrowded shelter

What an improvement

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.