I Wanna Be Your Dog (Or Cat): Updates, Both Good And Bad

Due to some technical difficulties having to do with the stimulus package, global warming, and the war on terror, Hair Balls isn't able to present a brand new batch of adoptable critters this week.

Instead, we thought we'd tell you about some dogs who've been adopted, and some who are on death row. Hopefully the latter will make you feel guilty enough to run right out and snatch one up. Seriously, we want the pics of the dogs who're still at the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care to pull your heartstrings MDA Telethon-style.

First, the good news....

People really responded last week to Ridges, a desperately sad-eyed rottweiler mix whose time was running out. A flurry of forwards hit tons of inboxes as people spread the word about this special dog. And for that, Hair Balls is especially grateful. Turns out Ridges went home with the woman who pushed contributing photographer Robyn Arouty to take Ridges' picture in the first place. Give that woman an amen! (Give Robin an amen, too, while you're at it, since that photo saved Ridges' life as much as the woman who adopted her!)

We don't know who adopted Coco, but we're glad they did. We're sure that, like a giant HDTV or a small child, Coco makes for a welcome addition to any home. Just look at that dog's face! Hopefully she got to take that kick-ass Halloween chew-toy with her.


Our first wish was for Mr. Crowley to be adopted, which was granted. Our second was that his new owner would change his name to something that didn't include "Mr.," because the poor dog's already suffered enough. This 11-month-old American bulldog was surrendered by his owner, who was deployed to Iraq. Well, at least one of them's safe.


Now the sad stuff...


Will someone please adopt this fucking dog already? Melony, an 8-month-old pointer mix is one of the sweetest-looking dogs we've ever seen, and we demand that someone take her home and love the shit out of her ASAP. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?! A1003259 


How's this for some guilt: This dog's deaf. Yeah, roll that one around for a little. We hope you enjoy going about your day -- juggling your appointments, eating your lunch, playing your Wii -- while a deaf dog languishes in a maelstrom of misery light years beyond his powers of understanding. No, really, just go about your business while Gumby, a ten-month-old pit mix, waits for the needle. Nothin' to worry about here. Dick. (Did we mention he's deaf?) A1004092  


Apparently, not enough people in Houston like the idea of an infectiously happy dog whose smile could melt that iceblock Dick Cheney has instead of a heart. Because if they did, someone surely would've adopted Cash, a 2+-year-old Ibizan hound, by now. And really, who else do you know has an Ibizan hound? Think about it, you'd get to walk around saying, "Oh, him? He's an Ibizan hound." Well, if loving, smiling dogs aren't your thing, maybe you should swing by now, as the time runs out on Cash, and see if he's smiling now. A1002476  










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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.