I Was a Lunchtime Eyewear Model

chrisgraychronicle.JPG The world of big-city journalism is just full of surprises. “Can someone explain to me,” began an email from my editor this morning, “why when I pick up my Houston Chronicle from my driveway this morning and open it, the first face I see is my assistant music editor’s?”

Um… ah… let’s see…

Last week, Thursday if memory serves, I was walking to meet a friend for lunch at Azuma in the Rice building (yummy, by the way), and on the way in I was ambushed by Chronicle fashion / beauty reporter Joy Sewing, a photographer / videographer and – gratuitous plug alert - Wes Johnston of Spectacles on Montrose (4217 Montrose, 713-529-EYES), who were trolling the streets helping unsuspecting Houstonians “update” their eyewear.

Johnston selected some more rectangular frames than the ones I currently wear because “looking at him, he’s got really strong cheekbones, kind of an oval face shape. He can really get away with rectangles, something more angular. He can even do an oval, similar to what he has.” So perhaps my eyewear did not require updating after all – which is a good thing, because no way were they going to let me keep the $290 Yabi pewter frame that, according to the caption on the front of today’s Star section, “fits well with Chris Gray’s rocker look.”

My look may be a little too much rocker for the Chronicle’s print readership, in fact, because the daily’s art department managed to remove all traces of my Mohawk from the front-page pictures in what I learned today is called a “Canadian crop.” Their Web site visitors must be more hip to these sorts of things, because the Mohawk is front and center in the video account here.

And, luckily, my strong cheekbones are especially flattering when flushing red with embarrassment, because I don’t expect my colleagues here at the Press to let me live this down anytime soon. – Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.