Idiots Attack Galveston Gay Bar

Galveston residents have enough on their minds these days -- Ike recovery, a disappointing Mardi Gras, wondering if UTMB is leaving. Now residents and visitors -- at least the gay ones -- have something else: Good ol' stupid hate crime.

Robert's Lafitte bar (and yeah, it's located on Avenue Q) is a mostly-but-not-exclusively gay place downtown, and patrons were chilling there as usual as the weekend wound down Sunday evening.

Then the door to the place opened, and idiots strted throwing in big rocks.

One customer got hit in the head and required a dozen medical staples.

The good news is that the cops seemed pretty responsive; they canvassed the neighborhood and found three "men" who were brought back to the bar for identification.

The three -- two brothers and a friend, two of them teens and one 20 years old -- were charged with a hate crime.

The bad news -- this kind of crap is still going on.

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