Idol Chatter

Tonight's the Night, and it ain't gonna be alright for an unlucky four contestants, each of whom already have pre-edited "Bad Day" montages waiting to be cued. Here are my predictions.


Should go: Paul Kim, Jared Cotter

Will go: Paul Kim, Nicholas Pedro

Kim's anti-Hung anti-shoe shtick has already gone stale. Pedro looks like a cross between Robert Downey Jr. and Pee Wee Herman and was bland. He was better than Cotter — aka RoboMcKnight — but he's not as handsome. Hell, all the guys sucked this week; none could touch even Stephanie Edwards, the girl whose stellar lead-off performance last night wound up being at best only third or fourth among the women.


Should go: Antonella Barba, Alaina Alexander

Will go: Alaina Alexander, Amy Krebs

Alaina was dreadful and she picked a song ("Brass in Pocket") few under 30 even know. (And those that did know it sure didn't like her agonizing rendition.) Krebs was competent but forgettable, which is a bigger sin in these early rounds than being awful but drop-dead gorgeous, which is why we will be seeing more of the breathtaking Antonella. -- John Nova Lomax

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