If People Are Planning To Have Fun, It Must Be Time For A DWI Crackdown

The debauched bacchanalia rodeo is coming to town, so the Harris County District Attorney's office and local law enforcement agencies are doing what they do when partying might occur: They're setting up more No Refusal anti-DWI weekends.

Starting this weekend and continuing over the following two weekends, cops will be out, as will judges ready to issue warrants if you refuse to take a breathalyzer, as will nurses who will be eager to draw your blood for a test.

DA Pat Lykos's office listed a long roster of places and events where Houstonians might be having fun in the next couple of weeks.

Lykos noted that the dates coincide with major Spring events that attract large crowds of the traveling public. They range from the estimated 2 million attendees at the Houston Rodeo, St. Patrick's Day celebrants, fans drawn to sports bars or parties for telecasts of the "March Madness" NCAA basketball tournament, and Spring Break college revelers.

Talk about an enriched target environment. No fun shall be had!!!

No, wait: Maybe some fun can be had. Within reason, of course.

"We encourage citizens to enjoy the events and festivities," Lykos said. "Just remember that if you are driving, act responsibly. The No Refusal program will be in place, ready to protect law-abiding citizens going to and from these annual spring attractions."

In March of last year, a similar program resulted in 426 DWI-related arrests, the DA's office says. Changes in state law make it even easier this year to get evidence, they say, so consider yourself warned.

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Richard Connelly
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