If the Harris County DA Calls You About Your Loan, Don't Worry. It's a Scam.

So, apparently criminals impersonating the Harris County District Attorney's office staff are calling residents and asking questions about loans in order to gain...well...we're not sure what they've managed to gain, but it's definitely a scam.

District Attorney Devon Anderson warned the public on Wednesday about a bogus loan scam that is targeting Harris County residents.

According to Anderson, there are criminals who are calling people up around Houston and pretending to be members of the DA's office. During the calls, they inquire about a loan the person supposedly has open, and ask them for their paperwork.

If (or more hopefully when) the resident asks more questions -- because who at the DA's office randomly calls about a loan -- they are put on hold, and the phone call is disconnected.

But it's not just these strange, loan-focused phone calls that people are reporting. In some cases, there are victims who claim they have received paper notices at their home, with directions to call a certain phone number to speak with one of the staff members at the District Attorney's office.

We aren't sure what criminal would be dumb enough to impersonate the person charged with prosecuting crimes in a bid to steal your identity, but since this person obviously is that daft, watch out.

Should you receive a phone call or paper notice of this nature, please know that it is a (poorly executed) scam.

After you laugh at how stupid the criminal is who has resorted to pretending he or she is the DA, of all people, please commence to calling your local law enforcement agency.

Oh, and if you have a loan open, the DA's office advises you call the company to find out your status. Just make sure it's not the bogus company that's listed on the shady, photocopied paper with the District Attorney's name on it.

That would be the wrong number.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.