"If The Real Thing Don't Do The Trick" -- A Barracuda, Elvis & San Antone

Photo courtesy Leake Auction Company
For a moment there, it seemed like a lost piece of Elvis Presley memorabilia was rediscovered.

No, not the mason jar where they kept his stillborn twin brother Jesse Garon, but something almost as cool - a Plymouth Barracuda thought to have been bought by the King for one of his queens in 1971. Said car-slash-historical artifact wound up in the hands of Tulsa-based Leake Auction Company, which is auctioning the 'Cuda and around 300 other cars at San Antonio's Alamodome March 21.

After doing its due diligence, Leake issued a press release today stating that "The current owner purchased the 1971 Plymouth Cuda in March of 2008 from a car collector dealership in Miami. While upgrading the drive train, his mechanic discovered what appeared to be the title to the vehicle between the carpet and the floor pan." (It must be noted that Leake never officially said the car was Elvis's, only that the questionable title was found in it).

The Ohio title listed the owner as Elvis Aaron Presley - but the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles couldn't confirm or deny its authenticity.....until earlier today.

"[We] got a call first thing this morning...from the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles that it was in fact a fraudulent title," Jennifer Tetley tells Hair Balls. She said "There were some little-bitty hiccups on the title that did not add up....We had eight digits - there should have been nine digits."

There was also a problem with the way the Ohio DMV's stamp appears on the title. Tetley assured Hair Balls that Leake never intended to mislead anyone, and while the sweet, sweet ride will still be auctioned off, it won't be advertised as Elvis's car.

Viva Las 'Cuda!

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