If You Aren't Feeling Thankful, Count Your Blessings Anyway

On this Thanksgiving, it might be difficult to count your blessings. Sometimes, when we want to be thankful, it's tough. Family can cause complications. There was that whole election thing that probably ostracized you from at least a few of your friends whose views differed from your own. During the holidays, there can be increased pressure to find common ground, making it even more difficult than normal to make peace and enjoy a quiet Thanksgiving.

Enter five-month-old Audrina Cardenas. This little girl was born with a rare condition where a portion of her heart was formed outside her body. Surgeons at Texans Children's Hospital raced to save her life and, now, she is doing well. I often joke about things being a Christmas miracle, but this may just be the real deal.

As cynical as we all may be when it comes to family and the pressures of the holiday season, a tiny medical miracle like that of Cardenas should be enough to bring us all back to center. It's yet another example of the amazing medical center we have in our fair city and how lucky we all are to live here.

I'm not one to be overly sentimental about holidays and the like, but I can't help but feel moved by the story of Cardenas, basically a million-to-one shot that survived through the aggressive treatment of doctors and the hope and faith of her family.

So, today, when you are sitting around whatever dinner table you have -- big family turkey dinner, Chinese take out or a solo TV dinner in front of the tube -- keep in mind the fortune of little Audrina Cardenas and your own. Whatever our circumstances, we are lucky to have another day on this planet and in this wonderful city. Being thankful is simply a silent way to let the universe know you are paying attention.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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