If You Didn't Get An "I Voted" Sticker, Does Your Vote Still Count?

Like most responsible, non-felon Americans, I exercised my right to (early) vote last week at a designated polling place before the hordes overtake the voting booths Tuesday because they procrastinated.

I did my civic and patriotic duty over at the West Gray polling station, that building covered in garish signs and other eye litter. While I was in line I got to watch a cute beginners yoga class for the elderly too, which made being late to work not so bad. One old fella in the back was asleep.

After I got done flipping coin after coin inside the voting booth -- I'm joking-- I left the room with a feeling of accomplishment. And what did I get as I left the building? A free lollipop, a complimentary cup of coffee? No.

I mean, I least got a "I Voted" sticker, right? Something to affix to my shirt for co-workers and friends to see?


There was no sticker waiting for this proud, red-blooded, non-felon, proactive American voter.

Something about a fire and shortage came the explanation from the voting volunteer when I asked him what everyone had no doubt asked him before me.

An important question:

Does your vote really count if you didn't get an "I Voted" sticker?

I mean, how do you prove that you even voted, besides one of those slips of paper with four digits on it? Those things are crap, you could picked it out of the trash. At least with an "I Voted" sticker, someone has to affix it to you, like a medal. They don't just give them to any Tom, Dick, or who votes, you know?

So tomorrow night as the voting totals roll in, I can only wonder what might have been if my vote was tallied with the rest of you people's, those of you who were blessed by the hands of kind God to get a sticker, those of you who are lucky to be a part of our hallowed democratic process.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.