If You Live In The Boonies Of Fort Bend County, Beware The Rabid Skunks

If you live in Needville or  "the unincorporated portion of Beasley," the Fort Bend County Health & Human Services Department is warning you to stay away from skunks.

We've never quite lived in a place where people had to be warned to stay away from skunks, but then again we've never even been to the incorporated part of Beasley, much less the unincorporated part.

But two rabid skunks have been discovered in the greater Beasley-Needville Metropolitan Area, and health officials are warning residents to protect themselves and their animals.

Pet owners should make sure their animals' vaccinations are updated. "It is also important to keep your animals restrained and not allow them to roam freely as this will further protect them from confrontation with wildlife," said Vernon Abschneider, the county's animal control director.

Skunks are generally nocturnal creatures, which tends to make them a pain in the ass because you can't see them until you scare the crap out of them and then it's tomato-juice time for you, dude.

If you see a skunk during the daytime, it "usually indicates they are rabid," Fort Bend officials said. And you don't want to be messing with a rabid skunk.

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Richard Connelly
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