If You Live Near The Menil Collection, Listen For The Bulldozers

As has been reported, the Menil Collection is looking to expand and has hired a British architect for the job, because getting updates on construction is so much classier when it's done in a haughty accent.

The Menil owns a lot of property around its current location -- that's why the bungalows are color-coordinated -- so there's no telling what it will do. The museum's property extends out to Richmond Avenue, where Metro's light-rail line will be placed, over the protests of at least some residents.

What will the new Menil look like? The ever-vigilant Swamplot has scoured out the designs a British website used in its story on the selection of the ever-so-Britishly named David Chipperfield.

And voila:

Hey, where'd all those bungalows go?

These are not final drawings, of course, they're just ideas submitted in the process of trying to get the job.

But if we were living in one of those charming cottages, we wouldn't be making any longterm plans.

-- Richard Connelly

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