If You're Online, You Can Be In Vancouver, Too

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The unbridled passion. The raw emotion. The shattered dreams. The unlikely victory despite injury. The unexpected heroes. The unexplained delays in award ceremonies and ensuing bitchy commentary. The desperate tears shed after tragic, untimely crashes during downhill practice runs. The attempted -- and successfully landed! -- triple salchows, peppered with Scott Hamilton's obnoxiously triumphant shrieks that make you bawl with joy. The sheer, unadulterated glee on a skater's face that follows the end of the long program.

You know it, baby. It's wintertime (sort of) in Vancouver. It's 2010, that's for sure. And by golly, it's Olympics time, friends. We know that all you really wanna do is pop a deep squat on the sofa in your pajamas, smack dab in front of your television, a hot toddy in hand, and weep tears of joy for every athlete branded with that look of determination on his or her post-pubescent face. But when your micromanaging boss, your squealing dog, or your whining children don't quite see it that way, and you're absolutely obligated to do something
other than that, don't lose the faith -- you can follow practically all of the amateur action online. And none of it will be blocked by your Safe Search filter.

If Social Distortion didn't tell you how to satiate your gold-medaled desires, we'd be bad, bad technology misers indeed. So, here we are, passing the torch your way.

Find the Olympics Online, Like, Officially:
Vancouver 2010 Olympics Home Page
Vancouver 2010 Olympics Videos
Official YouTube Channel of the Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games
Official YouTube Channel of the Olympic Torch
Official Vancouver Olympics Communications Team Account
Vancouver 2010 Official Account for the Culture Olympiad's Digital Edition (CODE)

Follow the Olympics & Olympians on Twitter:
The Official NBC Olympics Twitter Account
The Official U.S. Olympic Committee Account
Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay
Unofficial TV Olympics 2010 Account
Unofficial Vancouver Olympics Account
NBC Olympic Zone
NBC's Complete List of Olympiads on Twitter
U.S. Speedskating Team
Spokesperson for the U.S. Olympic Committee, Patrick Sandusky
Twitter Accounts for Vancouver 2010 Canadian Athletes

Become Fans of the Olympics & Olympians on Facebook:
The Vancouver 2010 Olympics Official Fan Page
U.S. Olympic Team
Brazilian Snowboarder Isabel Clark
U.S. Figure Skating Pair, Caydee Denney & Jeremy Barrett
Norwegian Snowboarder, Joachim Havikhagen
U.S. Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn
Canadian Olympic Doubles Luge Team, Tristan Walker & Justin Snith
Canadian Hockey Player, Hayley Wickenheiser

Stalk the Olympics & Olympians on Blogs & Websites:
U.S. Student Reporter Covering the Olympics, Lisa Odland
Canadian Alpine Skier, Julien Cousineau
Dutch Speedskater, Sven Kramer

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.