If You're Paying Four Bucks For A Brownie And You're Not In A Starbucks, Watch Out

Four bucks for a brownie? Unless you're getting a mocha cappacrappachino with soy and no foam, chances are there might be something suspicious going on.

Five students from Ball High in Galveston found that out when they got sick after buying pot-laced brownies from another student yesterday.

Three of the students went to the nurse's office, with at least one complaining of a panic attack and a desire to actually listen to an entire Phish song.

Call us cynical, but we're thinking the students' complaints are more along the lines of getting bad pot than they are "My word, there seems to be marijuana in these brownies someone sold me for four bucks." But we could be wrong, and we make no accusations.

The student who sold the dessert was arrested and charged with four counts of "assault causing bodily injury."

Assault by brownie? There's a charge we've never heard of.

-- Richard Connelly

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