Ike Claims Yet One More Victim On Galveston: The Fun Of Bowling

Oh Galveston, when will your Hurricane Ike suffering ever end?

News has come down that the last bowling alley on the island, the imaginatively named Island Bowl, will not reopen. Roof damage during Ike and struggles with insurance money have proven to be too much to over come.

No bowling. Are there two sadder words in the English language? Yeah, probably. "President Bush" comes to mind.

But now Galveston, which once sported three alleys, lies totally bereft of rentable shoes, greasy food and the joy of bowling leagues.

Island Bowl actually was born out of a hurricane -- it used to be Seahorse Lanes, until Hurricane Alicia blew ashore in 1983.

Duane Risinger bought the somewhat damaged place, renamed it (not after much thought), and more or less thrived, or survived, the next 26 years.

But restoring the place would cost him $850,000, he told the Galveston County Daily News.

We can only hope Galvestonians can weather this, and somehow travel to the mainland to get their tenpin fix.

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Richard Connelly
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