Ike Flash Mob Proves Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski Can't Dance

Galveston had a flash mob downtown over the weekend to prove it's still standing after Ike, thereby proving some other things.

One, the island's concept of a "flash mob" is perhaps not the generally accepted one, as there was no spontaneity at all. And two, new Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski can't dance.

He's got the look down -- every mayor should show up to a Saturday-afternoon flash mob in a suit and tie, we believe -- and he rocked some David Caruso sunglasses.

But his noble attempts at dancing never rose above White Guy at Wedding Reception level.

Still, it was a good effort, on the part of the mayor and everyone else who showed up. Galveston is still standing, so get on down there at some point.


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