But those damn aliens can't read English!!!

Illegal Immigration: What Bikini Babes Have To Say About It

The controversy over immigration into America has been discussed ad nauseam on TV, op-ed columns and books, but it is perhaps best dealt with via the medium of bikini-babe posters.

At least that's the thinking of one Alan Sessarego, of Gettysburg, PA. Sessarego tells Hair Balls that the issue of the U.S.-Mexico border is important to him:

"Even though we may reside hundreds of miles away from a border with a foreign nation, most of us here in Pennsylvania share your concern over the dangers and problems of ILLEGAL immigration!" he writes.

But what can he do, so far away from the Rio Grande Valley? Make posters about the problem.

Sessarego says of his posters, available here: "They may not be 'politically correct,' but I think they do a pretty fair job of expressing our feelings toward this growing national security problem!"

To be sure, sir, they are as eloquent on the subject as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck combined.

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