IllegalAlienReport.Com Lets You Report Those Invaders Anonymously

Good news, Texas!!

Not only is there finally a way to report all those illegal aliens you see stealing jobs everyday -- we mean besides just calling ICE -- but there's even more good news: the are only two places in Texas with illegal aliens!!

So we have to wonder what all the fuss is about, really.

KHOU discovered a new website that encourages people to send in sightings of illegals, called IllegalAlienReport.com. Sightings so far include those Russian spies and campers in Belgium (It's a worldwide problem, you know.)

And two sightings in Texas!!!!!

One, reported by "Slick," was right here in Houston!!

True American Slick detailed a "Mexican restaurant on fuqua st. Has illegals working there. The owners know about it but don't seem to care. Immigration should really check this place out, they have been operating like this for a long time. The best time to show up would be on a Saturday night around 8pm when they are busy."


Also in imminent danger of losing sovereignty: New Braunfels.

Citizen1 reports of a sprinkler company that uses illegals. (As if illegal aliens would have anything to do with yard work...): "They have even done a major church! Someone needs to stop them, it is just so very wrong. I'm sick of the illegals prospering more than the native borns."

KHOU took the step of registering with the site in order to talk to the founder, but we're more wary of how we use our computers.

But there is this, from the forum guidelines:

This forum exists as a place for free expression and debate on issues involving immigration as well as this website. We welcome all views no matter how far left or right they may be, but we do ask that you engage in constructive discussion regardless of any intense feelings may have on various matters. We also ask that you refrain from using ethnic slurs.

Now get out there and report, people!!

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