I'm Not The Kind Of Guy Who Uses A Real-Life Skull Bong

One of the teenagers accused of smoking pot out of a

stolen skull

said he wasn't part of the group that dug up the grave. Kevin Jones, 17, talked to Hair Balls from Harris County Jail, after being convicted of using a stolen credit card and sentenced to six months in state prison.

"I want you to know I'm not the kid people think I am," Jones said.

Which would be, we guess, the kind of person who would dig up a grave and make a skull bong.

A friend asked Jones to go to a Humble cemetery in March – about two months before Jones was arrested for the incident – but Jones said he didn't go. During the next couple days, different stories were told by his friends about what happened. A grave was dug up, Jones said, but he wasn't sure if a skull was used as a bong.

Jones and his friends were already being investigated for using stolen credit cards. An officer with the Houston Police Department, Sergeant Jim Adkins, asked Jones to snitch on a friend or set someone up on a drug deal, according to Jones, but he said he refused.

"He got angry and told me he would arrest me one way or another," Jones said.

Adkins could not be reached for comment.

The cops busted Jones on the credit-card charges, and Jones bonded out. In May, he was arrested for the grave robbing – charged with assault on a corpse – and taken to Harris County Jail. A hearing is scheduled for Monday, and Jones said he plans to fight the charge.

"Y'all going to see, when the trial ends, I'm not guilty," Jones said.

-- Paul Knight

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