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In Defense of Michael Vick. Sort Of.

The things Michael Vick supposedly did are disgusting. And I’m not going to attempt to excuse him, or his actions. But I’ve got a problem with the way the NFL is treating Michael Vick. And the problem is this: Michael Vick was not involved with the death of a human. He was not involved with the crippling of another person. He was not involved with drug trafficking.

But Michael Vick faces an indefinite suspension from the NFL for his actions. That’s not the case with the others.

For instance, on January 31, 2000, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was involved in a double homicide. Lewis eventually pled guilty to obstruction of justice. He lied to the police about what happened that night. Lewis, who may have been involved with the murder of two men, then lied to the police about it, was never suspended by the NFL. He’s still playing football. Still making millions of dollars a year.

I guess it’s a shame PETA doesn’t demonstrate and call for boycotts when it’s humans who are killed.

Then there’s the curious case of Leonard Little, the St. Louis Rams lineman who decided to celebrate his birthday by getting drunk and driving and killing a woman when he smashed into her car. He was convicted of manslaughter. The NFL suspended him for eight games.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving must have been sleeping when that little deal went down.

Former Baltimore Ravens’ running back Jamal Lewis was sentenced to four months in prison for drug trafficking. His NFL suspension was four games.

And let’s not forget the curious case of Pacman Jones. Jones was involved in a little matter in a Las Vegas strip club during the NBA All-Star Game. A member of his entourage shot the bouncer of the club during a fight. The man is now paralyzed. Pacman’s currently facing a year-long suspension.

Now comes Michael Vick. Who’s pled guilty to various evil actions with dogs. Who’s facing a jail sentence. And who’s facing an indefinite suspension from the NFL. What really bugs me about is that I’m having to defend Michael Vick. The guy did some cruel things. But he’s never killed anyone. Or been involved with the death of a person. Yet murders and drug traffickers aren’t even suspended for an entire season.

I think it’s time that we look at priorities. Why is the death of a dog more important than the death of a human being? I just think that’s wrong. And I really think someone needs to slap some sense into PETA for caring more about the dogs than the people who died because of the actions of Ray Lewis, Leonard Little and Jamal Lewis.

And all of you people out there screaming about how evil Michael Vick is, where the hell were you when Leonard Little killed that woman? – John Royal

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