In Defense of Mom Jeans

So President Obama caught a lot of flack for wearing what the fashion elite term "mom jeans" when he threw out the first pitch at the All-Star game the other week. Critics decried the pants as too baggy and high-waisted, resulting in the "mom jeans" look that so many find repulsive.

Perhaps most famous in their critique of mom jeans is the faux-commercial that aired on SNL a few years back, starring Tina Fey and pals as they modeled nine-inch zippers and comfortable front pleats. It still cracks me up.

But as much as I love Ms. Tina, I have to say...are mom jeans really so bad? Don't moms deserve a little comfort once in a while? Moms work hard, arguably, running after the little ones at the park, making sandwiches with the crusts cut off, telling you to make sure you've got your cell phone on when you go out, etc. They're tired. They want to feel relaxed as they go through their busy days, and who can blame them if they don't want pants that constrict?

I don't think anyone minds so much if dads have their beer guts hanging halfway over the belts. No one makes fun of that. (If anything, if you're a dude with a big beer belly, odds are you will get a sitcom with a really pretty wife by your side. The bigger the gut, the prettier the wife!  Hilarious.)  

Moms get enough crap as it is. Stay at home or work outside the home? You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Breastfeed or bottle-feed? You would think it's a simple question until the La Leche Nazis come at you if you even consider the bottle. Time out or a spanking? Get ready to be criticized there, too.  

I, for one, am standing up in defense of mom jeans and of moms in general. Moms deserve to feel secure in their pants choices, and if that choice is an elastic waistband, fit-to-the-tits set of slacks, so be it.

Now that doesn't mean Obama should've worn them. After all, he's not a mom. And let's face it. Those pants looked terrible on him.

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