In Honor of Jacoby Jones, 7 Celebration FAIL Videos

Next man in.

That's the old football saying that every coach spits out any time a player at the top of the depth chart gets hurt, basically saying there are no excuses. It's up to the next guy at that position to step in and go to work.

Two weeks into the season, the Houston Texans' offense has had just about enough of "next man in." The most highly publicized injury has been the quirky hamstring of Arian Foster, but injuries to backup tackle Rashad Butler, wide receiver Kevin Walter and running back Derrick Ward have also resulted (or will result, in the case of Butler) in missed games.

And then there's wide receiver Jacoby Jones, who easily has sustained the most ridiculous injury of the season so far.

The Texans' fifth-year wideout injured his left knee while jumping in the air to body bump with Andre Johnson after a touchdown in the Texans' 23-13 win over the Dolphins on Sunday (from the Houston Chronicle):

"Being too excited, messing with Dre when he scored," Jones said Wednesday. "Things happen. It's a good thing it's not worse than it could have been. ... Everybody's like, 'No more celebrating for you,' and I say, 'I think I'm going to take your word for it.'

"I'll just give them a head nod, a pat on the head, and walk to the sideline."

As a result, Jones missed practice on Wednesday, and according to head coach Gary Kubiak he's already had to have the knee drained a couple times this week:

"Banged his knee, swole up on him," Kubiak said. "We drained it, drained it again today, so it could be end of the week before he's back out here. We think he'll be OK, but just (his) knee swole up on him."

Thankfully, it looks like Jones is going to play on Sunday, but it doesn't diminish the fact that, in a sport with roughly a thousand violent collisions per game, Jones got injured in the most ridiculous way possible -- celebrating a touchdown with a teammate. Sure, as thin as the wide receiver position is Jacoby needs to stay healthy, but even more so, if Jacoby is going to decide to put his limbs in peril while leaping in ecstasy, I'd like for him to do it in the corner -- far, far away from our best player.

To be fair to Jacoby, a hundred NFL players celebrate with the jumping body bump every Sunday. The ding to his knee could've happened to plenty of people. Indeed, while Jacoby's faux pas feels kind of stupid, it pales in comparison to the following categories of "celebration fail:"

7. "Spike the ball into your own nuts" Celebration Fail

6. "Break your own leg jumping on home plate" Celebration Fail (a.k.a. the "Kendry Morales")

5. "Self-concussed by only going 90 degrees on 360 degree flip" Celebration Fail

4. "Exorcist blood vomit" Celebration Fail

3. Birthday Celebration Fail

2. ...a random video of a kid getting pegged in the face with a soccer ball (not a Celebration fail, but too good not to post)

And finally, the Mona Lisa of Celebration Fails....


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