Are they oranges or pumpkins? Who cares? The only treat you are interested in is an Astros win.
Are they oranges or pumpkins? Who cares? The only treat you are interested in is an Astros win.
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How to Avoid Missing the World Series When Trick or Treaters Arrive

Most sports fans have to deal with it: interruptions. All you want to do is watch the game on TV. It's not asking very much. And then, something, or more to the point someone, intervenes. Maybe it's a friend calling to chat or your better half asking for help with a chore. It could be a neighbor stopping by or even your dog wanting out...and back in...and back out again. And it never happens during a commercial.

Somehow the powers that be at Major League Baseball decided Halloween night would make the perfect backdrop for a World Series game, which is fine unless you are a big baseball fan or, more important, a Houstonian wanting to cheer on the Astros, especially considering this could be the deciding game in the series.

If you live in a neighborhood that has kids or attracts them, Halloween night will likely bring plenty of trick or treaters, sometimes boatloads of them. Some are cute, toddlers in fuzzy outfits. Others are obnoxious tweens wearing lazy costumes consisting of T-shirts that say "I'm David Pumpkins, man!" Either way, it leaves you with a dilemma: Feed the candy-frenzied mobs or watch the game and risk your house being wrapped in toilet paper. Fortunately, there are options.

(Side note: If you do have kids, honestly, there isn't much we can do for you. Just try to get the candy grubbing over as quickly as possible and get back home.)

Get out of the house.

The easiest way to avoid the problem is to get away from it. Hit a sports bar or go to a friend's house. Do whatever you have to, especially if you have been watching every win this series. However, if you have been watching your TV during those games, you might have to choose another option because we don't want you jinxing it, so...

Turn off your lights and hide.

When those little jerks come to your door (nice Stranger Things outfit, dude; no one thought of that one) begging for your hard-earned food, do what any baseball-loving, God-fearing American would do and hide deep inside the recesses of your home. Turn off the porch lights — the surest sign that you don't have any sweet treats (or that your house is actually haunted), meaning you'll be left alone — and watch in peace while keeping all the Reese's for yourself (and let's be honest, you were going to do that anyway and let the kids have the candy corn and Smarties).

Have someone else in your house handle the duties.

If you absolutely have to pass out candy (or raisins if you are that guy), get someone else to do it. Maybe your partner or your own kids. If you did have to take them out for candy earlier (much earlier), they'll be so hopped up on sugar, they will be begging for something to do.

Make liberal use of your DVR.

It's not a perfect solution, but when the doorbell rings, hit the pause button. You might miss a hit or a few pitches in that moment, but enjoy fast-forwarding through commercials. Just make sure your trip to the door is a quick one. We recommend throwing candy in the direction of the kids. They'll catch it if they really want it. If not, there will be a scrum on your porch, which is fine because you'll be back on the sofa by that time.

Put out a big bowl of candy and let them have at it.

This is normally the end-of-night maneuver when you're either sick of going to the door or the stream of costumed youngsters has slowed to a trickle. Some people try to put up a sign that says, "Take only one," but we all know that doesn't work. And, at this point, who cares if they get all your chocolate (except the Reese's, obviously)? There will be plenty more Halloweens, but who knows how many more chances for the Astros to win the championship?

Drag the TV into the yard.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Get a nice long extension cord and a really long coaxial cable. Or run your streaming feed from your tablet to a Bluetooth projector and put it up on a sheet hanging outside so everyone can enjoy the game. And if you know how to do that, strap on a pocket protector and some taped-up glasses for your "costume," nerd. Just don't let a crowd gather around you all night. You're not there to provide them with entertainment and more than a single piece of mediocre candy. You don't need a bunch of moochers spoiling the night you were trying to preserve when you hooked up this insane contraption.

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