In Memory of the Astrodome: 13 Awesome Derrick Dolls Pictures, from When Cheerleaders Were Cheerleaders

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Everyone got a big piece of Astrodome nostalgia yesterday, after the media was granted a tour of the dusty, dilapidated old stadium.

It put us in mind of the glory days of the Dome, when cheerleaders had hair that reached to the skies and embodied everything that the phrase "Fashions of the `70s and `80s" can mean.

So we contacted Vivien Hemphill, who runs the Derrick Dolls Alumni Facebook page. She gave us permission to root around in their copious collection of photographs.

The Alumni, by the way, are beginning to get more organized, going to charity events and appearances. A reunion this summer is expected to draw more than 100 former Dolls.

"We all still look pretty good," she says.

Ah, but we bet they no longer sport the hairdos and style sense they had way back then. Which might be a good thing.

13. Now that's a 50-yard line
With women lolling barefoot on the Astroturf, surrounding an all-time classic NFL logo.

12. K-Tel has the hits!!
All your disco-floor favorites on one LP!! Order now!!!

11. A lady does not expose her shoulders
We like how this picture shows the Astroturf for the cheap, hardly cushioned throw rug it was.

10 Subtle.
We're sure a lot of planning and research went into getting just the proper angle for this shot.

9. Dorothy Hamill, extra-fringe-y
A new logo on display, along with the perky Dorothy Hamill `do and as much fringe as a woman can support.

8. Whole Lotta Leg
Is that Buzz Lady Roseann Rogers on the left? We doubt it, but we are sure of one thing: The shadowy dudes in the stands couldn't look any more creepy.

7. Glamor, thy name is cement truck
We can only hope that this is from one of the giant Oiler pep rallies, and not a case of sending the two black Dolls out for the "Cement Truck vs SUV tug-of-rope" gig.

6. "Entertaining Houstonians for over seven years"
The downfall of print journalism began when Houston Party Line couldn't stay afloat.

5. That hair's not moving!!
Better living through aerosol chemistry.

4. Mom jeans in a random hallway
Cheerleader calendar shots have evolved somewhat since then.

3. You gotta know when to hold `em
But when you have three queens, do you say you have "three lovely ladies" or "nine"? Because there's like three Dolls on each card, you know, and what if you didn't think one of them was really all that lovely and.....poker is hard.

2. Blushing with excitement
Or with a lot of rouge, it's hard to tell. This may be from the night Earl Campbell destroyed the Dolphins before a pom-pom-waving Monday Night Football crowd.

1. Take off the warm-up jacket
You haven't looked at Columbia Blue in the same way since the Oilers left town.

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