Incredible Rescue Video From The Montrose Fire

I'm a sports talk show host and, in this space at least, a sports writer. I live in a sports cocoon almost 24 hours a day. Certainly, the importance sports takes on is disproportionate in my world, and I think at the end of the day, it's probably disproportionate "out there" with many of you who reside outside my bubble, as well.

Athletes...you wear their jerseys, you watch their games, you pay through the nose for tickets to see them play, and the emotional investment is enough so that their losses ruin your weekend. I'm constantly asking myself "Which athletes would I most want to interview?"

Sometimes, real life needs to smack us in the face to recalibrate who the heroes are, which brings me to this stunning video from yesterday's Montrose fire, courtesy of KTRK:

Words can't really describe this (although I will attempt to do so once you've viewed it):

I mean, what do you even say?

If you've seen the movie Backdraft, that's like real life Backdraft stuff there. I normally give a quasi Zaprduer treatment to short videos like this. Respectfully, I just can't break this video down frame by frame. It crosses the line of de-personalizing it (if "de-personalize" is even a word).

In sports, we wonder about the split second decision making, the instantaneous reflex reactions that decide success or failure. That astounds us. But damn, that video was a buzzer beater. A real life buzzer beater.

I don't even know if the construction worker who was rescued has the answers (I mean does your brain even function normally when it's this kind of pressure?), but I'd love to know what he was thinking when he was forced to trust the ledge below (in a building that was simultaneously melting and crumbling) to support his body and about 15 feet worth of gravity.

And what goes through your head when you watch the wall that you were clutching mere seconds ago fold and flop in flames like a smoldering, used lawn chair? What do you think about? What do you feel? Relief? Concern? Pride? All of them?

I think the athlete I now want to interview most is the fireman who rescued this guy.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.