Indictments In A&M Assault Case

Earlier this year, we published

"Rotten to the Corps"

, a story about two members of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets who beat up another student, then dodged punishment from the Corps and the university.

The students were also charged with a misdemeanor assault charge, which was eventually dismissed by the county attorney.

But this week, a grand jury indicted the two Corps members on felony assault charges.

"All we asked is for a grand jury to look at the facts," said David Bonilla, an attorney for the victim, Zach Corcoran, and the victim's family. "All [Zach] has ever asked for is justice and to have his day in court as the victim."

The case would have died a year ago, when the charge was dismissed, but Bonilla, along with the Corcoran family, has believed that the original grand jury wasn't presented all the facts in the case. The family attempted to send additional information to the grand jury last year - through the district attorney's office - but the case wasn't pursued.

About three weeks ago, the family learned that the statute of limitations had not run out and mailed another set of files to each member of the grand jury they could locate. The family learned of the indictments late last week.

"The process was unusual but totally legal," Bonilla says. "If a jury trial is the way [the defendants] want to go, the Corcoran family will stand by what the jury decides and be completely satisfied."

Jim James, an attorney representing Edward Helle - one of the cadets - would not comment on the case.

-- Paul Knight

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