Inept Pregnant Woman Spoils Motorcylist's Getaway From The Cops

You know what you just hate when you're on a motorcycle trying to get away from a DPS trooper because you're wanted on a burglary charge?

Pregnant women who slam their cars into drug stores.

The sad tale of 18-year-old Daniel Nuno of League City proves the point. Nuno was on his motorcycle in Friendswood yesterday, trying calmly to get away from an inquisitive DPS trooper intent on chasing him, when all of a sudden he saw a bunch of flashing red lights up ahead.

Why? A pregnant woman had slammed her vehicle into the wall at a Walgreens (Hey, these things happen), and just about every Friendswood emergency vehicle was out responding to the scene at FM 528 and West Bay Area Boulevard. (The woman was uninjured, as it turns out.)

But, as Friendswood police public information officer Karen Peterson tells Hair Balls, the fleet of police cars, a fire truck and ambulance responding to the scene blocked traffic.

And then, she says, "here comes this guy, and he's trying to avoid all these red lights because he's got one behind him, and he thought he was going to go down the sidewalk," she says.

Potentially good move: The DPS trooper obviously couldn't follow him in his car.

But he who hesitates gets tackled by a Friendswood cop: As Nuno contemplated his Great Escape move, a Friendswood police officer who was directing traffic around the scene jumped "like a tiger" across the front of the somewhat slowly moving motorcycle and tackled him, Peterson says.

Nuno's now in jail, charged with evading arrest as well as the earlier burglary charges he was wanted on.

Damn pregnant women drivers.

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