Infuriating and Horrifying 9/11 Tweets from American Teens (UPDATED)

(Turns out the above tweeter is not an American. We regret the error.)

Everyone in the United States remembers where they were on September 11, 2001. Those of us who were of age to understand the attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. sat horrified in front of radios and television screens, wondering what would happen next. Was this a part of a bigger effort? Would your city be next?

Last year on the tenth anniversary of the attacks, our own Jeff Balke looked at how different that day would have been with the social media tools we have today. Twitter would have no doubt imploded under the weight of the harried tweets. It's possible we would have been reading messages from people trapped inside the towers until the very horrific end.

Simple things like YouTube, Instagram and cellphone cameras would have documented the disaster in an unprecedented way. But in a way, I'm glad that these things didn't exist. The events of the day were covered in the best way that media and citizen journalists could. In 2012, everyone is a news outlet.

Lest we forget that there was a generation coming behind us that weren't old enough to meet the situation head on. For some children, the events of 9/11 are just YouTube clips, stories from family members, lame Facebook posts, fodder for pop songs and, sadly, just another day on the calendar.

An annoyance even.

Those cognizant and aware of the enormity of 9/11 and its implications for the modern world can't shake the feeling that we had that Tuesday 11 years ago. So when we read things from kids who have no frame of reference or compassion for those events, it's easy to become infuriated.

Maybe it was just how I was raised, but I cannot imagine feeling indifference or disdain for those remembering or mourning the tragedy of 9/11. I grew up reading about things like the Kennedy Assassination, Pearl Harbor and D-Day and memorized the days, etched the events into my brain.

Whenever I replay 9/11 footage on YouTube, I still get knots in my stomach. The documentaries enthrall me.

Just a few months back, I wrote a blog about kids today thinking that the sinking of the Titanic was "just a movie" and not a very real thing that took the lives of a thousand and more.

For some of America's youth, 9/11 is just a joke. The sense of apathy is stunning, and should serve as a reminder that some people live in massive cocoons of shocking ignorance. I'm sure there is more to see, but my heart couldn't take it.

(UPDATE: According to this user, her tweet was meant to be satire, and not reflective of her true views. For more, please follow this link to see the user's rebuttal.)

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