Injured Iraqi, Who Helped U.S. Troops Before Coming To Houston, Will See His Mom

Thanks to some help from his friends, Marwan Hamza's mother is on her way to Houston.

Hair Balls reported last week that Hamza, who relocated to Houston after his work with U.S. troops forced him to flee Iraq, had been in a near-fatal car accident -- and that his family was scrambling to win temporary visas to be at his side.

After learning about the crash, YMCA International, Hamza's resettlement agency in Houston, made a push through Congressman Al Green's office to secure the visas, which seemed a highly unlikely task. But the agency received word yesterday that Hamza's mother had been approved for a one-year, multiple-entry visa. She'll soon be on her way to Houston.

"So somebody tells you that something's impossible, don't trust them," says Dario Lipovac, the YMCA's resettlement director, who spearheaded the effort.

Lipovac credits Green's office and the staff at Memorial Herman for doing everything possible to help. He adds that Hamza, who was believed to be on his deathbed at this time last week, is now in critical but stable condition.

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