Institution for Creation Research: Texas School Concedes Defeat In Court Battle

Earlier this summer the Institute for Creation Research got uttlerly slammed by a federal judge as they tried to force Texas officials to certify their graduate school.

There is always an appeals process in such matters, of course, but it appears the ICR has given up the fight.

ICR CEO Henry Morris III has written supporters about their efforts to "fight the dragon," the dragon apparently being people who don't believe dinosaurs and humans frolicked together.

Of  the judge's decision, he says:

The message is clear: no science programs offered from a biblical creationist viewpoint are allowed. Even private schools will be judged by the restricted, secular practices of public schools, reinforced by the secular (read "non-Christian") interpretations of the Establishment Clause that now dominate the legal system.

ICR will have more to say on the ramifications of these issues next month. However, please know that, while ICR's legal battle is over, we will not retreat from other public efforts to fight the "Dragon" and his minions. The battle is raging as never before. Evangelicals are intimidated by anti-Christian court victories.

"While ICR's legal battle is over" seems pretty clear.

The National Center for Science Education is saying the ICR is apparently giving up, noting that grad-school operations at ICR have closed.

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