Intercontinental A Xanadu Of Healthy Food, Group Somehow Says

Houston has never really been known for its healthy eating, what with all the "Fattest City" this and the "Most Fast Food" that.

But it appears there's one area where we are not totally in the grip of the fried-food cabal: The airport.

Bush Intercontinental Airport came in fourth in a nationwide survey of healthy airport food offerings done by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which certainly sounds like a very important committee.

Fifty of the 60 restaurants at Bush "offer at least one low-fat, cholesterol-free vegetarian entrée," the survey says.

Worst among the dozen airports were Las Vegas, Atlanta and -- in last place -- Ronald Reagan National in DC, where apparently they're still trying to convince people ketchup is a vegetable.

Susan Levin, a dietician with PCRM, says travelers always have options.

"Even in the lowest ranking airports, it's easy to find a bean burrito or a veggie burger," she says.

Yes, but then you have to eat the thing.

-- Richard Connelly

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