Intercontinental Hotel Houston Gets A Really Wild New Name

News we did not know: The Intercontinental Hotel Houston no longer goes by that name. It is now, officially, the Intercontinental Hotel Houston Near The Galleria.

"Our new name better reflects our proximity to the world-class shopping and entertainment found in The Galleria," general manager Raymond Vermolen told the Hotel Interactive website. "It also helps meeting planners and leisure travelers narrow down their search for appropriate accommodations that meet their location requirements."

It's also, not to put too fine a point on it, pretty damn prosaic. And actually, a better name for it might be Intercontinental Hotel Houston But Not Near The Intercontinental Airport Like You Probably Assume Because Everyone Else Does, But Closer To The Galleria. Sure, it's a bit unwieldy, but you could always go with the catchy acronym IHHBNNTIALYPABEEDBCTTG. And IHHBNNTALYPABEED for short. Pronounced like it looks.

As always, we're willing to admit we might be behind the curve on a new trend. So it's possible that a lot of Houston businesses might be soon following the Intercontinental Hotel Houston Near The Galleria style:

Diamond Shamrock The Place With Gas And Slim-Jims

Minute Maid Park Where The Astros Play

Best Western Hobby Airport Inn Near Hobby Airport

The Galleria Occupying The Same Exact Spot As The Galleria

Johnson Space Center Near The Entrance To The Johnson Space Center

Damian's Cucina Italiana Right Past The 2900 Block Of Smith As You Head Out Of Town

Yeah -- we think this is one trend that's going to catch on.

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Richard Connelly
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