Iobani Gomez: Coerces Woman into Sex for Silence About DWI, Police Say

Drink. Drive. Go to jail. By now, everyone has heard that tersely worded PSA many times.

According to a police affidavit reported by KENS, a San Antonio woman checked the first two items off that list and was coerced into sex acts twice by an opportunistic predator.

Alamo City police say that on June 18, 23-year-old Iobani Gomez chased down the victim in his car, cornered her in a dead end and then claimed that she had hit his car as she left a party. (Investigators say she did hit a car, but not Gomez's.)

Gomez then allegedly told the woman he had a weapon, climbed in her car and told her to perform a sex act on him or he would inform the police of her drunken accident. (The victim would later admit to police that she had been drunk and feared the consequences if she told police about the attack.)

The night would get even worse.

Police say that Gomez then ordered the woman to drive to her place. Police say he took her cellphone away from her, followed her home and then sexually assaulted her again. Her daughter walked in on the act, and fearing for the child's safety, the woman told her everything was okay.

After telling a friend about the night, the woman reported the incident a few days after it occurred. Police had an excellent description of the suspect to work with, as Gomez had left his driver's license in the woman's car.

After his arrest, Gomez at first contended that the sex had been consensual, but later admitted that he had struck a deal with his victim. He was charged with sexual assault. The woman was not charged with any crimes.

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