Iowa Senator Fuddy-Duddy Questions NASA Employees Who Dressed Up as Vikings for Photoshoot

"Why so serious?" The Joker

There is a reason younger generations have a difficult time relating to older people. Youth tends to act with emotion and do things just because. As people get older, their actions become generally more measured and they are more about routine than spontaneity. It's why things like memes often elude otherwise intelligent older people.

Enter grumpy old Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa. He came across some photos of NASA employees dressed in viking garb and had some questions for NASA chief Charles Bolden. The whole thing started when a group from NASA in California did a viking-themed photo shoot for a photographer...for fun. But just like there's no crying in baseball, there's apparently no fun in NASA, at least for Grassley.

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Sen. Chuck Grassley wrote to NASA administrator Charles Bolden, asking him to 'splain a few things. "I am concerned that in NASA's case, federal tax dollars may still be spent on non-mission critical activities," the Iowa Republican wrote.

Grassley asked Bolden to provide a host of information, including whether the NASA employees used company time or other official resources for the photo shoot, whether folks back at NASA knew about the project, and whether the agency will receive any funds, presumably from the sale of the photos.

Turns out the photographer and his staff were not being paid. The staff from NASA did it on their free time away from work. No taxpayer money was used for "non-mission critical activities." The whole thing was done for...oh no...FUN!

I get that we all want to protect our tax dollars from being squandered. But it is likely the investigation into the shoot, which included extensive interviews with the photographer and even a search of his e-mails, cost the taxpayers more than a bunch of harmless viking photos would have had they cost a dime in the first place.

So, thanks, Sen. Grassley, for protecting us by investigating the shit out of some viking-themed photos taken of NASA employees. All the time, money and resources you put into tracking down the dastardly culprit of this whimsical merriment will certainly help keep us all safe, rich and filled with freedom. God bless America.

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