"Don't sweat folks, I've called FEMA!"

Is God on 3-1-1?

Well, the nerve...

A poll released by Texas Southern University today shows that African-American Houstonians would call upon The Lord Almighty before city or state government during a major disaster.

The report found that 83 percent of African Americans surveyed said the city is "somewhat" or "poorly prepared" to handle disaster-related emergencies. Honestly, where did that come from? What's more, 55 percent believe the government uses disasters as an excuse to remove poor and minority people from their neighborhoods to redevelop those areas for the wealthy. Wait, are they suggesting there's some sort of racial or class issue here? Fully 56 percent said they don't trust the government to tell the truth about disasters. Clearly, these people areway out of line.

The TSU Survey, conducted by the school's Barbara Jordan/Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs, also noted that should a hurricane strike, nearly eight out of 10 African Americans said they would count on God to protect them from harm. Almost nine of out 10 believe that God would provide for them if they lost their home or resources during a storm. Where's the love for Mike Brown? (Who? Mike Brown! Who? Mike Brown!)

The reports that African Americans trust The Man Upstairs more than The Man is hardly surprising, says Karen Callaghan, a political science professor at TSU's Barbara Jordan/ Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs. "African Americans are intensely religious, ranking God as more important in their lives than any other ethnic or national group. Faith—or a strong reliance on God and his ability to deliver and save—replaces faith in government for many African Americans."

I'm waiting to hear back from County Judge Robert Eckels, who just last week sent out information to the media about disaster preparedness classes for Fifth Ward residents. Seeing as how Esquire named him a sort of semi-deity last year, I'm guessing he'll have something to say about this whole God vs. Hurricanes thing. Stay tuned. — Steven Devadanam

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