Is Houston's Handsome Bank Robber a Dallas Dude?

Recently we told you of the FBI's search for a man they dubbed the "handsome bank robber," who was described as being "older, well-dressed and accessorized."

Those accessories included a black semiautomatic pistol, but that's just how he rolls.

The item rang a bell with our Web Editor Brittanie Shey, who searched and found this intriguing item from earlier this summer, from our sister paper the Dallas Observer.

It talked of a "Handsome Guy" bandit who, according to a bulletin put out in July, had "hit six area banks, including ones in Dallas, Irving, Plano and Richardson beginning April 19."

The accompanying photos:

Some of them look pretty damn close to the Houston dude.

In the Dallas-area incidents, police determined that the robber was wearing a sophisticated $800 mask used in Hollywood. We imagine he pulls it off dramatically after each heist like Tom Cruise in one of those Mission Impossibles. (Or all of them, for that matter; we forget.)

We sent the link on to the FBI's Shauna Dunlap; she said she didn't think the agency was aware of any Dallas-area connection but sounded eager to pass it on.

Just like Dallas, sending its high-priced riff-raff down here to peaceable old Houston.

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