Plenty of good seats available.
Plenty of good seats available.

Is It a Perfect Game If It's Against These Astros?

As you might have heard, San Francisco Giant Matt Cain threw a perfect game against the Astros last night on the West Coast, retiring all 27 hitters with no hits, no walks, no errors.

To which we say, eh.

Against these Astros? We'd say it was more of an accomplishment that the Giants, who struggle to score nightly, put up 10 on the `Stros. But that just takes us back to the "against these Astros?"

We know, we know -- they're a fun, hungry bunch of gritty youngsters living their dream of playing in the bigs. And the minor leagues are thisclose to again becoming something resembling a solid operation that produces pros.

But the team seems to be backsliding into last year's stunning ineptitude, and that's just no fun to watch.

The view of the final out from the cheap seats of the Giants' beautiful ballpark:

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