Is It Just Me, Or Does The New Eddie Murphy Film Look Terrible?

I have this vague memory of being a kid and watching Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood on Saturday Night Live. There was Eddie Murphy, making serious fun of my childhood idol Mr. Rogers by creating a freaky, parallel universe where Mr. Robinson could joke freely about his wife leaving him ("I'm so glad the bitch is gone!") and avoid his landlord, that white man just tryin' to get Mr. Robinson's cash.

I didn't get all of the jokes, but I knew enough to get that this guy was weird, twisted, and someone I wanted to be just like someday.

Flash forward a few decades and the same man who once created Mr. Robinsons' Neighborhood is now in some film called Imagine That.

Imagine that man used to be funny.

Now he's had some major slumps before (Party All the Time and The Adventures of Pluto Nash to mention but a few), but my God, this new movie of his looks sooooo bad.

From what I can gather, Imagine That follows our dear Mr. Murphy as a financial executive of some kind whose daughter (so sweet they should've named her Splenda) draws some princesses. And then the three princesses come to life (but only his daughter can see them) and they give Mr. Murphy's character financial advice that forces him to act silly (like dancing in the street!).

Who wants to bet the princesses aren't actually real, but just a ploy of Splenda's to get her hardworking Daddy to spend a little quality face time with his kid?

Gag me.

I get the fact that with Shrek and the Nutty Professor movies, Eddie is seriously trying to remarket himself as a family-friendly Every Dad. But dang, man, could you have some standards? There is a big canyon of quality between Shrek and Imagine That, don't you agree?

Mr. Robinson would be so ashamed.

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Jennifer Mathieu
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