Is Minute Maid Park (Finally) Going to Lose Tal's Hill?

There were basically two people who loved Tal's Hill, the gimmicky hill in Minute Maid Park's centerfield, and one of them was named Tal.

The other was former owner Drayton McLane, who installed the hill, which has no other reason for existence, because his buddy Tal Smith remembered some old ballparks had them.

Now there's an indication the hill may be leveled.

Astros GM Jeff Luhnow had an in-game chat with fans last night, and one asked if there were any ballpark changes being considered.

"I don't know. I wonder about the hill out there. Just saying," Luhnow wrote.

He quickly backtracked: "And just my opinion, so don't start any rumors.(Levine/Campbell/McTaggart I know you guys read this stuff so stand down.)"

He was referring to the main Astros beat writers in town, which doesn't include us, so we will start the rumor: Jim Crane and Jeff Luhnow, in yet another move to distance themselves from the bad decisions and policies of the old Astros, will get rid of Tal's Hill.

In its place they will put a Texas-shaped hot tub, a buckin'-bronco ride and a mock-up of Apollo 11's LM Eagle with Neil Armstrong stepping out of it behind a corral fence.

Any balls landing in the hot tub will be doubles; any ball that hits the Armstrong model is a homer.

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