Is She Really The "Heidi Fleiss of Houston"?

Sometimes one flip remark transforms things.

One Houston cop calls a woman "The Heidi Fleiss of Houston," and the media goes nuts (Hey, including us.)

But we're really not convinced Debbie Turbiville is up to Heidi Fleiss's standards.

Until we see Joel Osteen's name on a credit-card bill, we're withholding judgment, but come on: $350 an hour? That's not exactly outrageous in the big-time world of prostitution.

Let's do some comparisons:

Celebrity connections:

Fleiss: Hung around with Mick Jagger, married Tom Sizemore, bought a million-dollar house from Michael Douglas.

Turbiville: Unknown, but we're guessing the closest she got to Mick Jagger was the Toyota Center VIP seats at the latest tour.


Fleiss: The robotic and priapic Charlie Sheen. And, according to trutv.com, "Other clients represented the world's wealthiest and most famous men, including royal figures, heads of state, sheiks and business tycoons."

Turbiville: We are, of course, once again being teased about a client list that includes many, many prominent names. We're dubious, but we'll wait before giving a final judgment. On the other hand, Charlie Sheen did shoot The Chase here in Houston.

Media Possibilities

Fleiss: Wrote a book, had TV movies made about her, played herself (convincingly, we presume) in such epics as Pauly Shore is Dead and Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be madam of Crystal.

Turbiville: At best, a "special section" on the Chronicle's website. But Rosario Dawson really hopes they make a movie about her.

So what we have here, it seems, is yet another attempt by Houston to puff up its status by trying to argue it's in the big leagues when it really isn't.

Allen Stanford: okay, that one worked. This one, not so much.

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