Is Sheila Jackson Lee Thinking Of Leaving Congress?

Good news for Houston politicians trying to get camera time at events, bad news for the rest of the world -- rumors are swirling that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee might be taking a job in the State Department.

Jackson denies (sorta) the rumors, telling KHOU she's "baffled" by them and is happy representing the 18th District. Not exactly Sherman-esque in its forcefulness.

Jackson Lee, of course, was first elected to Congress in 1994. Although she's developed a rep for going through staff like tissues and showing up and hogging attention at any and every political event she chooses, she is considered unbeatable until she decides to go on her own.

And since she is tight with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the rumors -- or maybe the wishful thinking -- are blooming among the chattering crowds.

If she left, there'd be an epic battle among young and ambitious black politicians for the prize. You just know city councilmember Jolanda Jones would sprint (Get it? She was a track star) to the filing office with her entry papers.

As for what havoc Jackson Lee might wreak upon the world, the mind reels. But we know she already enjoys subsidized travel, so a State department job might be a natural fit.

-- Richard Connelly

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