Is That A Duster Or Are You Just Glad To Clean For Me?

Asylum is a website which states it is "For All Mankind." From the looks of it, the name should have a second "s" in it and the "man" in "mankind" should be emphasized, if you know what we mean.

Be that is it may, the site informs us of Jockstrap Maid Service, an apparently Houston-based company designed for people who want their house cleaned by someone wearing nothing but a jockstrap. Male someones, of course.

"After Hurricane Ike hit the area," says Max McCammond, the owner of Houston-based business and another cleaning service, "a friend of mine asked, 'Why can't you send a cute guy over to clean my house?'"

Like that, Jockstrap Maids was born. For the "maids," the gig pays $50 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum. Guys can sign up to be maids online, and anyone who wants to hire someone to clean their home can do so through the Web site as well.

Houston is by far the most popular Texas city using the service, offering 23 choices for your maid, as opposed to a mere three for Dallas, that utterly unkempt, non-jockstrap-loving city to the north.

But how good a job do these guys do cleaning your house? Let's examine.

The company's Houston page offers some of the aforementioned 23 potential employees.

"Papi," who appears to have stuffed his bright red underwear with a knockwurst and two tomatoes, offers this concise summary of his housekeeping skills: "Let me know what I can do for you.....Laid back type of guy here. Always have repeat clients :)"

Well sir, this kitchen is just a mess. A hot mess, you might say. Anyone with repeat clients and a smiley emoticon obviously knows how to wield a Sniffer. You're hired!

Then there's JRod. His description, verbatim: "Partying. Social. Future EMT." We tend to be somewhat lackadaisical in our housekeeping, so we're not sure what any of those three criteria have to do with mopping, dusting or vacuuming.

If we suffer a heart attack, though, we can just wait until he finished his EMT training and then be taken care of.

Danny offers this: "My name is Dan, I'm from Houston. I'm in excellent physical shape and looking to make a little extra money."

In that case, cleaning houses is an excellent idea, Dan!! Hours are flexible and sometimes you can get tips!!

Maybe we're missing something here. Like we say, we're not that good with housework.

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Richard Connelly
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