Is The Freakiest Next Top Model A Houstonian?

As everyone who's anyone knows, tonight is the season premiere of America's Next Top Model, which we are reliably informed is a television show.

You're supposed to refer to it as ANTM, and you're supposed to already be familiar with the contestants because they've been on host Tyra Banks' talk show.

One of the contestants getting the most discussion is Allison Harvard, who may (or may not) be from Houston.

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She lists New Orleans as her hometown, but in an interview says she's from Houston.

This is all very, very important because she's getting notoriety for having a fascination with blood.

Reports one website, "Allison, who describes herself as having 'scary doll eyes,' told Tyra that she has a 'really big fascination with blood' and finds nosebleeds to be 'really pretty.'...Harvard goes on to say that she's 'really interested in hemophilia' and notes that she might 'give off a strange vibe.'"

So, do we claim this woman or not? Feel free to let us know if you grew up with her....and are still alive to tell the tale.

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