Is This What Astroworld Is Going To Look Like?

Is This What Astroworld Is Going To Look Like?

Gus Allen at Swamplot has stumbled across artist's renderings of a planned development for what used to be Astroworld.

It's probably safe to say he's not impressed, since he can't decide whether the plan (called "SouthPointe") is real or a very clever take-down of Houston real-estate cliches:

If the SouthPointe design isn't real, though, it's a brilliant parody -- down to the ultra-generic name and its not-so-silent extra vowel. It expertly answers this question: How might a bunch of suburban developers -- some of them from, say, Conroe -- make a complete mockery of Houston's highest profile and best connected redevelopment site?

Allen tells Hair Balls his rejected headline for the item was "The Astroworld Plan From Hell."

We talked to the guy behind the site, and it turns out it is real -- kinda.

Ned Torian is president of Crosswell Torian, the company that represents the owner of the land.

Crosswell Torian is shopping it around to different entities who might be interested in developing the strategically placed plot of land.

The drawings, he said, are merely "conceptual," trying to show what might be done with the 105-acre site.

"We were just trying to conceptualize what kind of capacity we had and what it could look like," he says. Whoever eventually develops it will have their own plans.

Tough time to be selling commercial real estate? Torian says not necessarily. One of the biggest selling points of the Astroworld site is its proximity to the light-rail system and the Medical Center.

"The Medical Center is not really driven so much by the normal economy," he says. "So there's pretty strong interest."

Whenever it is developed, we hope they run the plans by Swamplot first.

-- Richard Connelly

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