Will UH be heading east?

Is UH About To Dump Conference USA For The Big East?

Presidents of Big East schools meet tomorrow and will discuss extending invitations to the University of Houston and TCU to join, the

New York Post reports today.

"By adding TCU and Houston, the Big East would gain TV viewership in two significant markets (Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston) and give football programs a recruiting toehold in talent-rich Texas," the paper says.

"Of course, no one in those 'significant markets' would watch UH or TCU play Rutgers if there was a UT or A&M game on," the paper didn't go on to report.

The Big East was founded essentially as a basketball league, but it has been aggressive in trying to improve its football.

The conference includes eight football programs and eight schools who do not have FBS programs.

There are some decent football teams there that would be a step up from C-USA, such as West Virginia, Pitt and Cincinnati, which went to the Sugar Bowl last year.

The Post says "TCU is said to be very interested, as is Central Florida.

TCU is in the Mountain West and has outgrown it with its current success. UH has long been rumbling about moving up from C-USA, especially if proposed, massive improvements to their football and basketball facilities become reality.

Football and basketball is one thing, of course; flying soccer and softball teams to the East Coast a bunch of times a season may be another.

Illustration courtesy UH
Revamped Robertson Stadium, too good for C-USA?

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