Isabel "Chavelo" Gutierrez: Dies While Raping Elderly South Texas Woman

A 53-year-old convicted sex offender has died while in the act of raping a 77-year-old woman earlier this month, Refugio County police say.

Pending an autopsy, authorities there believe that Isabel "Chavelo" Gutierrez was (karmically) stricken by a heart attack on June 2.

According to published reports, Gutierrez was in the act of having sex with the elderly woman, but suddenly stopped and complained to his victim that he was not feeling well. He attempted to fondle her one last time, but instead rolled over and lost consciousness.

After seeing that he was out of it, the woman called her daughter, who came and helped her escape. The daughter also called the police. When they arrived, they found Gutierrez dead, the pocketknife he had used to threaten his victim still in his hand.

Gutierrez reportedly packed 230-250 pounds on his 5'7" frame, and he is believed to have ridden a bicycle two miles through record heat to get to his victim's house. The victim also told a relative that she believed he had been drinking.

In 1982, Gutierrez was given ten years in prison for committing an indecency with a seven-year-old girl. While on parole for that case, he was convicted of a Victoria armed robbery and served 17 years in prison, gaining his release in 2008.

Thankfully, there will be no release from where he's gone to this time around.

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