Isiah Carey Gets Web-Redempted On Tosh.0

Fox 26's Isiah Carey has been web-redempted.

Tosh.0 has him on the show for a segment where he visits people who became video viral, like the "Boom goes the dynamite" guy. Carey has long been famous for his profanity-filled rant against a "country-ass fucked-up" Arkansas town, where a grasshopper jumped in his mouth as he was doing a stand-up. (Number one on our recent Top 10 TV news foul-ups!)

Carey tells Tosh he wasn't too happy to be a net phenomenon: "Who wants to be on TV cursing like a sailor?" he said.

Tosh then presses him on whether he's got two personalities -- one white, one black -- and he gamely plays along, anchoring a fake news segment as one of each.



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